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Dexter – Centennial, CO

At Westiron Construction, we take pride in transforming houses into homes that reflect both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our recent project showcases the remarkable journey of a complete home remodel, turning a challenging hoarder house into a stunning and functional living space.


  • Exterior: Transformed with new siding, cedar awning, and shutters. Backyard oasis created with a new deck.
  • Interior: Opened up kitchen walls, added a shiplap-adorned mudroom, and designed a modern kitchen. Two updated bathrooms.
  • Unique Challenge: Hoarder house remodel, required nine dumpsters for cleanup and demo.

Project Details




WestIron Construction located in Centennial, Colorado

Before & After

Dexter Kitchen Remodel BeforeDexter Kitchen Remodel After
Dexter Basement Remodel BeforeDexter Basement Remodel After
Dexter Bathroom Remodel BeforeDexter Bathroom Remodel After
Dexter Backyard Remodel BeforeDexter Backyard Remodel After
Dexter Bedroom Remodel BeforeDexter Bedroom Remodel After
Dexter Office Remodel BeforeDexter Office Remodel After

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