Accelerated Real Estate Investor Podcast – Maverick Mastermind Exclusive with Marcos Martinez


Marcos Martinez, co-founder of Westiron Construction and a real estate investor since 2015, discusses his entry into the real estate industry with Josh Cantwell, a professional real estate coach. Martinez, along with his friend Paul Hopkins, a Canadian Civil Engineer, embarked on their business journey together. Martinez found inspiration in Cantwell’s real estate strategies while developing his own course on wholesaling in 2017.

By 2018, Martinez and Hopkins decided to engage with Cantwell as a coach, mentor, and partner to pursue their long-term real estate vision. Martinez emphasizes the importance of patience and grace in navigating the real estate landscape, transitioning from a focus on quick results to strategic waiting. His ultimate goal is passive income, exemplified by his progression from wholesaling to acquiring a 352-unit apartment building in Dayton, Ohio, in 2015. They have since broken away from equity firms to pursue their own ventures as co-owners of Westiron Capital and Westiron Construction.

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